›The abandoned blog

There are many different opinions about what type of content should be included in blog posts.  My blog has served many purposes over the last 6 years, and for a very long time has sat idle.  There are probably several abandoned blogs across the internet with people paying their hosting fees year after year always planning to pick up where they left off.

Every year when my BUS 106 class gets to the “Preparing messages for electronic media” I vow to start blogging again.  And then I’ll post a few items and quit again.

One of my biggest challenges is finding an appropriate scope for my messages, my interests dance across a fairly broad spectrum and it’s hard to focus on any one topic.  Using the categorization feature would allow me to group all posts in any one topic area together so that individuals interested in a particular subject could just click on that category and ignore the rest.

Maybe this post can generate some ideas for future post topics.  If you would like to see what I think about any subject (even though I have no idea what I’m talking about) feel free to post a comment and I will start posts that might lead to fun and interesting debates.

I will try to keep this blog running and not leave it abandoned for months at a time!

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›My kids…

Shaun and Teagan love to Ham it up for the camera!!

Shaun and Teagan

ShaunTeagan AgainTeagan

Shaun 3Shaun AgainTeagan


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›Teagan Turns Two!

Yesterday March 29, 2009 - My little baby girl turned TWO!!

Teagan in Hat

Teagan Cake

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